Ampligen and hypometabolism

paolo maccallini


A few days ago Naviaux and colleagues have provided convincing proofs for the presence of an hypometabolic state in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients, with a pattern opposite to the one seen in response to acute infections. Naviaux et al. express the hypothesis that the metabolic shut down described in their paper “may represent a fundamental response to oppose the spread of persistent viral and intracellular bacterial infections” (Naviaux RK et al., 2016).

CFS is a condition without a definitive cure, although some pharmacological interventions have shown some efficacy in subgroups of patients. One of them is rintatolimod (brand name: Ampligen), a viral double stranded RNA (dsRNA) which selectively binds to toll like receptor 3 (TLR3), thus contributing to the induction of antiviral defenses (Gowen, BB et al., 2007). Approximately 30-40% of CFS/ME patients can be expected to respond beneficially to rintatolimod, according to the…

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