Nuovi farmaci contro le forme persistenti di Borrelia burgdorferi – paolomaccallini

“Dopo una introduzione al fenomeno di persistenza batterica e al suo possibile ruolo nelle forme croniche della malattia di Lyme, passo in rassegna alcune ricerche recenti su nuove sostanze antibiotiche. […]”

Farmaci per la fatica nella Sclerosi Multipla

“Terapie farmacologiche

Il trattamento della fatica non può al momento giovarsi di un farmaco di elezione, in quanto non si sono dimostrati sicuri benefici “evidence-based” con nessuno dei farmaci finora testati. […]”

Dopamine, the Basal Ganglia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome #II – Treatments – Health Rising

“Reduced activity in the basal ganglia during a reward game was associated with fatigue in people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). A similar pattern found in people with hepatitis C who have been given the interferon alpha (IFN-a) cytokine suggests immune activation may be driving basal ganglia problems, since the lack of reward and the fatigue is present in both groups. Studies suggest that reduced dopamine inputs from the striatum may cause the reduced activation of the basal ganglia. The basal ganglia problems in ME/CFS suggest dopamine may be reduced brain-wide. […]”

Ampligen and hypometabolism

paolo maccallini


A few days ago Naviaux and colleagues have provided convincing proofs for the presence of an hypometabolic state in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients, with a pattern opposite to the one seen in response to acute infections. Naviaux et al. express the hypothesis that the metabolic shut down described in their paper “may represent a fundamental response to oppose the spread of persistent viral and intracellular bacterial infections” (Naviaux RK et al., 2016).

CFS is a condition without a definitive cure, although some pharmacological interventions have shown some efficacy in subgroups of patients. One of them is rintatolimod (brand name: Ampligen), a viral double stranded RNA (dsRNA) which selectively binds to toll like receptor 3 (TLR3), thus contributing to the induction of antiviral defenses (Gowen, BB et al., 2007). Approximately 30-40% of CFS/ME patients can be expected to respond beneficially to rintatolimod, according to the…

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Simple, Effective Tools for Managing MECFS, FM

Managing MECFS, FM – Dr Bateman discusses methods used at BHC to partner with patients and help them achieve the best function and symptom reduction.

Source: Simple, Effective Tools for Managing MECFS, FM