Diet-Microbiota Interactions Mediate Global Epigenetic Programming in Multiple Host Tissues: Molecular Cell

•Gut microbiota alter host histone acetylation and methylation in multiple tissues
•Western diet suppresses microbiota-driven SCFA production and chromatin effects
•SCFAs recapitulate microbiota-driven chromatin and transcriptional effects. […]”

The Common Root Cause of Hashimoto’s, Hives and IBS Blastocystis Hominis, H. Pylori, and Yeast Over Growth | Thyroid Pharmacist

“When I first set out to figure out the root cause of my Hashimoto’s, I took an inventory of all of my symptoms, in an effort to find an underlying connection. (I highly suggest that you make your own health timeline to help guide you as well).[…]”