Risonanza magnetica spettroscopica e neuroinfiammazione – paolomaccallini

“Equazione di Larmor

Quando un tessuto (ad esempio il cervello) è inserito in un campo magnetico esterno (che indichiamo B), il momento angolare di spin dei nuclei degli atomi che lo compongono descrive un moto di precessione attorno alla direzione di B, con una frequenza angolare omega data dalla equazione di Larmor:

omega = gamma×B

dove gamma (detta rapporto giromagnetico) è una caratteristica del nucleo. Ad esempio, il nucleo di idrogeno ha un gamma di 267.513×106 rad s−1 T −1, il nucleo di carbonio ha un gamma di 67.262×106 rad s−1 T −1, etc. […]”


“They supported the idea that ‘sickness behavior’ is largely due to the immune system’s response to the pathogen, not the pathogen itself. Sickness behavior is the process whereby central nervous system processes induce feelings of fatigue, fever, and other flu-like sensations to stop an infected person from moving and cause them to take to bed, and thereby stop transmitting the pathogen to others in the community.”

Unrewarding Reward: The Basal Ganglia, Inflammation and Fatigue In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Health Rising


Fatigue Explained? Japanese Assert Brain Damage Causes Fatigue in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Health Rising

“A Central Nervous System Hypothesis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

“… neurophysiological and neuroimaging studies in combination with subjective or a newly developed objective evaluation method of chronic fatigue have begun to clarify the mechanisms underlying chronic cognitive fatigue …”
Deciding that ‘chronic fatigue’ had become not just an illness problem but a productivity concern for their economy, the Japanese initiated a program a couple of decades ago to understand and treat it. They note that a third of the Japanese population complains of “chronic fatigue” and that “chronic fatigue” contributes to cardiovascular conditions, epilepsy, and early death. Their program has encompassed all levels of fatigue from chronic fatigue to chronic fatigue syndrome. We’ve missed out on a lot of their work focused on fatigue because it doesn’t show up in searches for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). […]”



Shape Shifting Pain: How Chronic Pain Turns the Brain More ‘Emotional’ – Health Rising

“Recently we saw that some people appear to be sitting ducks for chronic pain. Their brains have apparently reached a state, unbeknownst to them, where all that’s needed for a chronic pain state to emerge is a triggering event such as an injury. That triggering even starts a process which changes both the grey matter (neurons) and the connections between different parts of their brain […]”



Dopamine, the Basal Ganglia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome #II – Treatments – Health Rising

“Reduced activity in the basal ganglia during a reward game was associated with fatigue in people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). A similar pattern found in people with hepatitis C who have been given the interferon alpha (IFN-a) cytokine suggests immune activation may be driving basal ganglia problems, since the lack of reward and the fatigue is present in both groups. Studies suggest that reduced dopamine inputs from the striatum may cause the reduced activation of the basal ganglia. The basal ganglia problems in ME/CFS suggest dopamine may be reduced brain-wide. […]”