Updated Model and Treatment Suggestions

CFS Remission

Since I started this blog, some 530 posts ago, there have been significant changes in probiotics available and information available (for example uBiome results). My original model favored the reports from the University of Newcastle in Australia in 1998. The uBiome results from a sample of over a dozen readers of this blog confirmed parts of this report and also raise questions on other parts. In re-reading the report, there was only 4 controls to 27 patients — which may account for the differences they saw. I summarized below:

1998 StudyuBiome Sample
ControlsCFSRatio Ratio
E.Coli92%49%53%18% (parents)

In short, we do not see the overgrowth, but can confirm the undergrowth matches from the uBiome results.

There was a match up of the antibiotics used by…

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